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SCEG companies are well regulated and compliant: embracing international security standards and protecting human rights is at the core of their business. SCEG are, and continue to be, a significant instigator and contributor to the activities of the International Code of Conduct Association, which has evolved from the declaration of the Montreux Document of 2008, now ratified by over 50 countries. Affiliate Members of SCEG include the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for Transport, both of whom are members of the Executive Committee.



Advanced Tactical Resources Limited

ATR advances in organisational risk, safety and security including policy and procedure by providing the resources required to keep personnel and assets safe from harm or intrusion. Delivering professional top-tier, training, products and in-country support services. Elevating global travel awareness, readiness and resilience. “Your protection, our commitment”.


AGWE global Ltd

Registered in the UK & Nigeria AGWE focuses primarily on supplying professional marine risk solutions & services to the energy industry and international commercial shipping. Integrity, Professionalism, Reliability, and the unrelenting pursuit of Excellence are the four pillars on which Agwe was built and stands.



Is an award-winning security risk management company protecting shipping and the offshore industry against maritime security threats globally. Operating in over 30 countries and supporting over 4000 ships a year with armed guards, security escort vessels and intelligence, Ambrey is the largest provider of these services in the world



The Arcfyre Group are specialists in providing turnkey security solutions in emerging markets. Our industry-leading brands provide customised solutions delivered by expert teams. We are experienced in complex security environments and have extensive knowledge and know-how to support organisations who operate in difficult risk environments in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia and beyond.



ARGUS is a security company that has been operating in Ukraine for about 30 years and provides bodyguard, escort, static and technical security services. We have extensive experience in providing security for foreign representatives and enterprises in Ukraine. Due to our long-term local presence, we also support our customers with security concepts, security training, protection services and risk assessments.



Armtrac Ltd manufactures quality, safe and value for money mechanical equipment to counter the threat from Explosive Ordnance (C-EO) including landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO).  Armtrac provides several tracked and wheeled  solutions using remote controlled technology and on some of the larger machines, an armoured operator’s cabin as well



Arquebus helps Governments and law enforcement agencies worldwide limit the availability and illicit use of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW). We have worked in over 50 countries delivering a complete solution based on consultancy, managed forensic services, intelligence and investigative support and a class leading firearms lifecycle management and registration system (FIRECYCLE).



Castor Vali Ltd

Castor Vali is a global security and risk management company supporting complex land-based and offshore projects to the highest industry standards. We provide the full spectrum of risk management services to clients of all sizes including: Corporate Security, International Protective Services, Investigations, Information, Training and Development. Our vast and varied expertise enables our clients to maintain maximum operational effectiveness; this has built our reputation for quality, integrity and reliability.


Chesterfield Insurance Brokers Ltd

Insurance specialists in the global security sector for providers of services ranging from armed guards (on land and sea) to logistics and evacuation in Ukraine; personal protection in Iraq; cargo through the Congolese jungle and worldwide cyber and intelligence work for Professional and General Liability insurance, Personal Accident, K&R and Defence Base Act and more.


Cloudbreak Analysis

Cloudbreak Analysis is a trusted British company specialising in Intelligence Analysis training and consultancy.   Cloudbreak have delivered 1000 + training and consultancy projects across 60 countries and supply 26 UK government departments, alongside several blue chip companies and financial institutions. Cloudbreak have a portfolio of over thirty Intelligence Analysis courses including Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT), Strategic Intelligence Analysis, and Structured Analytical Techniques.


Comera Risk

At Comera Risk, we offer training and consulting solutions to build Security Awareness for Fragile, Hostile Events and Environments. Our aim is to provide protection from and resilience against the perceived and identified threats found in complex environments where political stability is frail for supporting security and infrastructure.



Constellis formed in 2010 combining a best-in-class brand.  Constellis is the largest global team of security risk management industry leaders, including, ACADEMI, International Development Solutions, Triple Canopy, Centerra, AMK9, Edinburgh International, Strategic Social, National Strategic Protective Services, OMNIPLEX, and Olive Group, offering Security, Risk Management, Logistics/Support Services, Training, Humanitarian and Technology



Control Risks Group Limited

Is a specialist global risk consultancy that helps organisations succeed in a volatile world.  Through insight, intelligence and technology, we help clients seize opportunities while remaining secure, compliant and resilient. When crises and complex issues arise, we can help them recover.



Diaplous Group is a leading Maritime Risk Management (MRM) provider, delivering specialized services to an ever-broadening portfolio of shipping, oil & gas, energy providers and construction Industries.

Diaplous Group has grown exponentially over the last years, broadening and deepening its client base, as well as amassing a wealth of invaluable operational experience.


Eagle Eye Innovations (EEI)

Eagle Eye Innovations (EEI) specialise in Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) training, turn-key operational services, enhanced risk management and security services, independent consultancy, and Research & Development (R&D) for Commercial and Defence customers globally, across the full spectrum of aircraft weight categories.


EOS Risk Management

Is a leading global professional security services company, providing a comprehensive range of solutions in analysis, audit, strategy,operations, travel and assistance.  Our service offering includes: strategic consultancy, expert analysis, audit, political risk, security management, security operations, investigative, travel-risk management, digital tracking and monitoring, cyber security and crisis response services.


Frontier Operations

Frontier Operations encompass years of crisis and conflict zone experience , facilitating end to end, secure delivery of complex projects, stability and resiliency within volatile areas.

Based out of Kyiv since March 2022, we are a discreet, agile team comprised of seasoned professionals from British Military and insurance & investment sector.  


G4S Risk Management Ltd

Part of the world’s largest security company, G4S Risk Management provides risk mitigation including physical security, both mobile and static, as well as solutions for the digital domain and secure support services around the globe.  It operates wherever high-expertise solutions are required or a high-threat environment exists or both.


GardaWorld International Protective Services

Is the largest privately owned security services company offering cash services, physical and specialised security solutions and with the Crisis24 portal, the dissemination of vetted information related to international security.  We are a partner of choice for private companies, governments, humanitarian organisations and multinationals with personnel all over the world.


Harod Associates

Harod is a world-leading commercial intelligence and investigations firm, staffed by former leading UK Government investigators, many with over 30 years’ experience in conducting global intelligence and investigations to the highest levels of international legal standards. We represent a bespoke one-stop capability for investigation, intelligence and due diligence needs. 


Hart Security Limited

Hart Security Limited has almost 20 years’ experience in delivering protective security services in some of the most challenging environments on land and sea.  Its clients have ranged from supra-national organisations, governments, NGOs and commercial organisations of various sizes.  The Company was certified to internationally recognised security management standards at the earliest opportunity



Healix is a global provider of travel risk management and international medical, security and travel assistance services.  Working on behalf of multinationals, governments, NGOs and insurers they look after the welfare of expatriates, travellers, offshore workers and local nationals in every corner of the world, 24 hours a day.



HFW LLP is an international law firm which has over 600 lawyers working across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. HFW partners are leaders in their sectors, providing legal advice and crisis response within the fields of security, logistics, marine, energy, construction, mining, infrastructure, insurance, resources, aviation, commodities and international trade. HFW is recognized as the leading global law firm for managing and resolving incidents in hostile environments



With operations for the UN in Afghanistan as well as other current hotspots, IDG offers protective services that enable our international, commercial and NGO clients to pursue their missions in challenging and complex regions of the world. We now employ more than 2,500 people including former Gurkhas as well as experienced security guards from around the world.

We uphold a reputation for exemplary ethical and moral standards and are known for our deep and profound commitment to all the people who work for us, and for those among whom we work



Intertek collaborates with and supports some of the most well-known brands and businesses around the globe, providing essential knowledge, discretion, and capability where and when our clients need it. Our work helps ensure proper certification and greater market access, the ability to meet product performance and quality metrics, and the promotion and elevation of a brand’s name and reputation. We improve the value proposition of our clients’ products through the strength and robustness of our services, and, as a result, more and more new and well-known clients join the Intertek family all the time.


Kirintec Ltd

Kirintec specialise in the design, manufacture and delivery of innovative Counter IED, Counter UAS and CEMA technologies for the military, law enforcement and security sectors.  With a range of operationally proven technologies and systems we are able to support our customers in the most austere and high-threat environments in the world



Headquartered in Qatar and working throughout the MENA region; Matterhorn provides a range of services designed to minimise risk, improve operational effectiveness and ensure compliance in both the public and private sectors. We pride ourselves on being a compliant and transparent partner. Our services range from the practicalities of local logistics and operational advice to bespoke project consulting and management.
Matterhorn provides risk consulting services to support decision-making for clients operating or investing in the MENA region.
Complex environments, Intelligence and diligence, Event and project solutions, Training and mentoring


Minerva SRM

Minerva SRM provides bespoke social risk management services to companies operating in the most challenging social, political and conflict-affected settings. Our services empower clients to build and maintain robust social licences to operate, enabling them to optimise results and protect their business.


Minimal Risk Consultancy Ltd

Established in 2002, Minimal Risk (MRC) is a well-established Independent Specialist Risk Consultancy and Project Management business.
Prime focus is the recruitment, management, and ongoing support of former service personnel, many with proven commercial experience and DV or SC level vetting. Selected personnel and teams are most suitable for deployment into highly sensitive UK Government and Defence related security operations – Globally and within the UK.
Ongoing contracts are overseen by a team of Directors, Operations and HR professionals, themselves cleared to DV or SC with direct liaison to the relevant vetting agencies. MRC is an SIA Approved Contractor.


MSS Global

Are a unique, internationally accredited Certification Body, specialising in providing ISO certification for Land and Maritime security companies operating in fragile, high risk and complex environments. We have sector leading expertise; providing impartial, ethical and rigorous assurance of private security companies, and those contracting their services worldwide


Page Group Ltd

Page Group supports and protects the interests of individuals and companies around the globe, by providing value added commercial intelligence and security measures. Formed of former police offices and investigators Page Group’s team is divided into two divisions, Commercial intelligence and Investigations and Risk Mitigation, Protection and Hostile Environment. Each team has specialist skills and are committed to discretion, transparency, and accuracy to supply a client focused product globally.


Physical Risk Solutions

Physical Risk Solutions (PRS) is a Dubai‐ based international risk mitigation and security protection services company that offers diversified services including, armed and unarmed guarding, secure transportation, close protection, threat assessments and secure accommodation predominantly throughout East Africa and beyond.
Since conception we have provided tailored services to diplomatic, military and international commercial entities ranging from the European Commission and World Bank to most United Nations agencies and prominent NGO’ s.


Pilgrims Risk Management Group Ltd

Pilgrims provides security and duty-of-care risk-management in developed countries and conflict zones. We merge that experience, so clients benefit from rigorous standards of compliance and sharp-end operational understanding. Our analysts, consultants, sources and in-country operators together deliver practical assessments and robust operational delivery. We do pro-bono work protecting endangered species


Praetorian Connections

Praetorian is at the forefront of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection, utilising teams of highly-skilled language analysts to bring cultural insight to our primary-language research and clarity to our clients’operations.
Praetorian teams continuously deliver in-depth reporting on some of the world’s most challenging information environments, enabling key decision-makers.


Prevail Partners Ltd 

Prevail Partners is an intelligence and security company, delivering security risk management, global intelligence, operational support, and resilience services to Governments, businesses, and NGOs. With an intelligence-led approach, we enable our clients to solve complex problems by helping them turn their risks into opportunities. We do this by blending our best-in-class team, advanced technology, and expert tradecraft to design and deliver innovative security services.



SafeHaven are leading specialists in crisis, disaster and trauma-responsive mental health care. Supporting organisations with personnel around the globe in fragile and complex environments, we bring their psychological welfare for staff in line with best practice guidelines and international standards. We consult on policy and SOP development; provide workplace training; have on-call critical incident mental health teams; and provide tele-health support with our experienced mental health professionals.

SafeHaven Home – SafeHaven

Sirius Insight

Sirius Insight is a leading international specialist in maritime security, providing innovative AI-powered maritime surveillance to ensure safety and security at sea. We are a British company powered by proprietary technology, which autonomously detects suspicious or unusual activity at sea, raises timely alerts to the authorities, and enables effective response. 


Solace Global

Solace Global offer comprehensive travel risk management and security services. Their mission is to protect people, assets and reputation through state-of-the-art technology, response, on the ground support and intelligence services 24/7 in the event of an incident or emergency. Solace Global empower and enable businesses to operate globally both safely and compliantly, never losing sight that people’s safety is the priority.


Spearfish Security Ltd 

Operates at a global scale focusing on providing a tailored support structure to clients, servicing a wide variety of clientele ranging from international development, commercial and the private sector. Services include travel management, security design, investigations and security assessments, risk management and mitigation measures. 


Tatham & Co

Tatham Law are a firm of maritime and commercial solicitors who pride themselves on their highly responsive service, delivered with both speed and integrity. They are proud to have recently been shortlisted for the Small Firm of the Year at the Law Society Awards for 2021. Tatham Law have an innate understanding of the industry and have a proven track record in helping and advising all stakeholders in the maritime industry due to the wealth of experience the team have within the commercial shipping sector. Tatham Law offer a comprehensive 24/7 maritime casualty response and with a key internal team, most of who have sea going experience, they work alongside a range of consultants on a project by project basis. This offers a huge range of expertise to deal with a variety of both contentious and non-contentious issues. Some of their specialities include: shipping disputes and contracts; international trade; aviation; admiralty and casualty; piracy, war, terrorism and maritime security; marine insurance; offshore and energy


Vesper Group

Is one of few intelligence-led security companies in Europe that provides the combined knowledge and experience of three business areas.  We process unique and cutting-edge tools for cyber protection, experience experts for both security and investigative tasks, as well as close protection in the world’s most dangerous high-risk environments.



VSC Security Solutions

Operating in complex environments is challenging for a multitude of reasons. VSC Security develops and delivers solutions that are intelligence-led and conflict sensitive. By using this approach our services effectively mitigate the risks in a way that fits our client’s ethos and acts as an enabler for their operations.

 VSC is a member of the ICoCA and certified to ISO:18788, ANSI:PSC1 and ISO:9001.




Watchman works at the intersect of security and human rights. Its approach recognizes the interconnected nature of risk and the sensitive community dynamics that can spark conflict. We train both public and private security forces across the developing world to build the conditions that stabilize impact projects’ local operating environment.





Appropriate UK Government departments and other stakeholders including non-governmental organisations may be granted ‘Affiliate’ status at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Representatives from the following have a standing invitation to attend SCEG meetings when items of relevance are on the agenda:

  • FCO representatives dealing with Prosperity, Multilateral Policy (including human rights and sanctions), Security policy and procurement of security services.
  • Ministry of Defence representatives inter alia from Defence Engagement Strategy and PJHQ.
  • Department for Transport representatives from the Maritime Security and Resilience Directorate and Aviation Security Directorate.
  • Department for International Trade representatives inter alia from Trade Policy, Export Control and DSO.
  • Home Office representatives from the Drugs and Firearms Licensing Unit.
  • Cabinet Office representatives as appropriate (for example as regards CSSF or other cross government initiatives).
  • Department for International Development as appropriate.


Last updated Nov 2023