The United Kingdom Accreditation Service informed  SCEG on the 17 March 2014 that accreditations had been granted to LRQA and MSS Global for PAS 28007 (Maritime) and to Intertek and MSS Global for PSC1 (Land).

On 16th May 2014 accreditations were granted to RTI Forensics for PAS 28007. These certification bodies can issue accredited certificates to Private Security Companies and to Private Maritime Security Companies. Several SCEG companies have been awarded accredited certification.

UKAS Guidance For Certification Bodies Certifying Private Maritime Security Companies Against ISO 28000/ISO 28007-1:2015. Edition 1, October 2015

On 10th February 2016 accreditations were granted to MSS Global for ISO 18788.

On 10th May 2016 accreditations were granted by UKAS to IQ Verify Limited for PSC1 (Land) and ISO 18788.

ISO 28007 (Maritime)

PSC1 (Land)

ISO 18788