NON-SCEG Companies Awarded Accredited Certification for ISO 18788 (Land)


The following organisations are Non-SCEG Companies Awarded Accredited Certification for ISO 18788 (Land) by MSS Global:
Company Name Country
Alastora for Security Services Iraq
Al Baron Group Iraq
Al Burhan for Protection and Security Ltd Iraq
Al Fourat River Security (FRS) Iraq
Al Hurea Security Company Iraq
Amalgamated Security Services Limited Caribbean
Amarante International France
Arete International Nigeria
Belstone Dart International Somalia
B-Guard, part of Byblos Group France
BM Security Kenya
Centurion Security Company Guatemala
Continuity Global Solutions Pakistan
Erys France
Exera Myanmar Myanmar
Expat Compass for Security Services Iraq
Garda World Federal Services UK
Garud Securities Pvt. Ltd Nepal
Griffin Security Yemen
Groupe Corpguard Brignais, France
Groupe Tara S.A. Iraq
Groupe Tara Switzerland
Insight Security East Africa
Iraq Star Iraq
Janus Global Operations Worldwide
KK Security (part of GardaWorld) Africa
Landmark Security Ltd Ghana
Mesopotamia Eagles for Security Iraq
MSA United States
Night Bird Security Southern Iraq
Nova Scotia Division of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires Nova Scotia, Canada
Peregrine Risk Management Ltd UK
Professional Security Services S.A. Haiti
Saladin Afghanistan Afghanistan
Salama Fikira East and West Africa
Sallyport Iraq
Seakey Marine Ltd Nigeria
Secure Line Company Iraq
Security & Logistics Services Northern Iraq
Security and Management Services (Pvt) Limited Pakistan
Sediqi Security Services Afghanistan
Somali Risk Management Somalia
Tutare Management Group Libya


The following organisations are Non-SCEG Companies Awarded Accredited Certification for ISO 18788 (Land) by Intertek:
Company Name Country
Chenega Global Protection LLC, USA USA
Edinburgh International
Frontline Responses Finland Ltd Finland & Somalia
Scandinavian Risk Solutions AB Sweden Sweden & Somalia
Security Group Uganda Limited Uganda
SGA Kenya Limited Kenya
Unity Resources Group PTE Ltd Iraq


Last updated Jan 2022